Writing a witches brew band

A Witches' Brew Journal - or is it? I have used Eileen's Journal die in two different ways.

Writing a witches brew band

White Zombie writing a witches brew band smear everything in the air like a sonic exploding bomb. Sewer gas voodoo chile like. Dazing and dirty electric blues rituals.

Screaming ghosts from Lousiana and Texas. Everything spins in a song like Rebel Goon Blues, witch is literally scary for how it spills out on you, like dark boiling heavy blues oil including the citation to Mississippi Queen from Mountain.

Another inconceivable explosion is Double Trouble, a pure black acid blues. An incredible tour de force. And there s only three of them. After reaching a solid formation stability with the insertion of Joseph Solci behind the skins, the trio decides in to lounch themselves in a tour that will bring them to perform in various european cities: After a year of this issue, is brough to light the much awaited debut album of Witche's Brew, entitled White Trash Sideshow, printed in march under the genovese label Black Widow Records They are called the godfathers of Heavy Metal for plenty of reasons.

I remember seeing a great movie about Charles Manson, the mass killer and some of these writing a witches brew band would have fitted that film perfectly. Certain people in certain forums where tossing it around.

And that normally should have been enough for me, to check them out, but somehow these Italians had escaped me 'til Klaus sent me a package with some of the latest stuff from Black Widow Records, including 'White Trash Sideshow' by the Brew.

The title as well as the cover made me think of heavy rocking music for bikers and outcasts directly. Not exactly typical for a band on Black Widow Records. Hitting the play-button of the cd-player the first couple of songs with titles like 'Stone Cold Killer' and 'Leather' enforced that impression rather quickly.

And the guys know how to write a simple but catchy riff that makes you stomp with the foot and nod with your head at least even while writing an album-review.

The lead guitars are not exactly virtuous, Anyone having listened to the Martian Pope demo by Misty Morning knows that Italian bands have everything they need to pit their strength against English and US outfits and, when it comes to psychedelic rocking riffs, they even beat some of them.

And this is exactly what brings Witche's Brew here: While the rest of Europe is desperately trying to compose songs about any B and Z movie and horror novel that Electric Wizard haven't yet seen or read, Witches Brew is back to hit the stages with a brand new record, a wild album, rough and raw, fascinating right away, from the first listening.

Ladies and gentlemen this is White Trash Sideshow. Recorded at Studios and mixed at dawnville studio in Como, the Witche's Brew cranked out an album that will shurely leave most rockers open mouthed.

Listening to White Trash Sideshow, I pictured myself on a hot rod on one of those californian highways where, all you can see around you is a huge spread of land, loads of cactus and a few snakes that every so often cross your road I'm talking about "White Trash Sideshow" of the "Witche's Brew", a job destined to bring back to fashion a sound and in particular an attitude, markedly sour and greedy of any compromise.

Added up with whirling psychedelic components, committed to give you vertigo spells and reminders of atificial paradises. Eleven tracks, full of asphyxiating saturations The opener "Stone Cold Killer" is the first dose of dusty hard rock, made of boiling guitars and rivers of alcohol, with the insane and filtered voice of Zonca that, although recorded in the background, it raises the abrasion effect.

Whatever they are, this thing sure does rock, and if you like the bottleneck slide, you're gonna dig this. In Witche's Brew they play a hard blues with southern hints between Sabbath and Steppenwolf, with ahuge space given to heavy psych cacophonic guitars and powerfull and rocky rhythmics.

The singing, its not rather convincing, and is reduced to a husky slur only used to attend the riffs and is roughly recorded. The band had obviously preferred to concentrate on the exquisit instrumental aspects of the tracks, that are however highly involving, thanks to the animalistic impetuosity of Zonca and Bosco.

If the character of the album is not clear yet Black Sabbath and Motorhead are probably the main influences of Witches Brew, whose proposal is based on rocky riffs, sometimes cacophonic, a rhythmic session as heavy as a boulder and agonizing lyric lines that, although they wouldn't shine with originality and execution, they are without a doubt fit for the contest in which they take form.

In short, White Trash Sideshow is one of those records, conceived and produced in our country but that seem composed by worn american rockers, the ideal soundtrack for an adventurous journey on the dusty roads of the old west.

They are Witche s Brew, an active and rispected band even abroad, here with White Trash Sideshow, their first official album, after a live ep published last year. The lombard trio offer us an obscure and visceral hard rock, that intensely looks back at the seventies, and more precisely to those bands that used to mix hard, psychedelic and maybe a touch of occultism.

Let s say Black Sabbath, but if we add Blue Cheer an Iron Butterfly, and maybe a touch of blues let s not forget that it s been the first music of the devil we are not too far off the final results in the music of Witches Brew is always present a latent darkness, a sort of cosmic despair, here declined on intense and obsessive instumental parts, some times even fundamental but always of great effect.Jan 30,  · Mix - Silent Monolith - Witch's Brew YouTube Silent Monolith - Another Way to Fly () (Full Album) - Duration: Stoned Meadow Of Doom 2 , views.

About the Author. A salty-tongued, tattooed mystic, Thorn is the author of the nine book Witches of Portland series, the alt-history urban fantasy series The Panther Chronicles, the novel Like Water, and two short story schwenkreis.com Witches of Portland series will be out in Spring, WITCHES BREW.

Marquee Records.

writing a witches brew band

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A Witch's Brew. likes. A great band!

writing a witches brew band

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