The issue of social responsibility towards positive achievements in the community

Ideally, CSR policy would function as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business would monitor and ensure their adherence to law, ethical standards, and international norms.

The issue of social responsibility towards positive achievements in the community

Resources for this topic Corporate social responsibility CSR promotes a vision of business accountability to a wide range of stakeholders, besides shareholders and investors. Key areas of concern are environmental protection and the wellbeing of employees, the community and civil society in general, both now and in the future.

The concept of CSR is underpinned by the idea that corporations can no longer act as isolated economic entities operating in detachment from broader society. Traditional views about competitiveness, survival and profitability are being swept away.

Some of the drivers pushing business towards CSR include: The shrinking role of government In the past, governments have relied on legislation and regulation to deliver social and environmental objectives in the business sector. Shrinking government resources, coupled with a distrust of regulations, has led to the exploration of voluntary and non-regulatory initiatives instead.

Demands for greater disclosure There is a growing demand for corporate disclosure from stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, communities, investors, and activist organizations.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) | Current issues

Increased customer interest There is evidence that the ethical conduct of companies exerts a growing influence on the purchasing decisions of customers.

In a recent survey by Environics Internationalmore than one in five consumers reported having either rewarded or punished companies based on their perceived social performance.

The issue of social responsibility towards positive achievements in the community

A separate survey by Environics International revealed that more than a quarter of share-owning Americans took into account ethical considerations when buying and selling stocks. Competitive labour markets Employees are increasingly looking beyond paychecks and benefits, and seeking out employers whose philosophies and operating practices match their own principles.

In order to hire and retain skilled employees, companies are being forced to improve working conditions. Supplier relations As stakeholders are becoming increasingly interested in business affairs, many companies are taking steps to ensure that their partners conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Some of the positive outcomes that can arise when businesses adopt a policy of social responsibility include:Nov 09,  · Social Responsibility Plan Examples Sunset Vacations is a full-service travel agency committed to providing our clients with the best travel packages and experiences available.

Other voices in the book were specialists on bringing issues into management discussions and forging positive responses through management policy and communication. This book helped to establish the four pillars of issues management: Strategic business planning, issues monitoring, corporate social responsibility, and issues communication.

Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large [citation needed]. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.

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Corporate social responsibility is the concept that a business needs to be concerned with more than just profit. Protecting the environment is one aspect of social responsibility; another is.

A basic community responsibility is voting in elections. Each individual is part of a larger community. Family, neighbors, tribe, village, city, county, state, region, country and the world form a larger community in the life of every human being.

The printing giant offers many programs supporting corporate social responsibility. Their Community Involvement Program encourages it by directly involving employees.

Since , more than half a million Xerox employees have participated in the program.

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