Termite report

There are over 2, different species, which all have distinct scientific names. Three of the more common home-invading termite species are Eastern subterranean termitesPacific dampwood termitesand Southeastern drywood termites. Diet What Do They Eat? Termites are detritivores, or detritus feeders.

Termite report

WDIRadopted by the Structural Pest Control Committee, is used for reporting the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects and their evidence in structures for sale.

NCDA&CS - Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division - Structural Section

It is the only form that is legal for this purpose and is required on almost every residential structure sold. Therefore, it is especially important that homebuyers, lenders and other interested individuals understand the scope and limitations of this form.

How is the inspection performed and what is inspected? By law, an inspection for wood-destroying insects and their evidence is the careful visual examination of all accessible areas of a building and the sounding of accessible structural members adjacent to slab areas in contact with masonry walls and other areas particularly susceptible to attack by wood-destroying insects.

Evidence includes both present and past activity of wood-destroying insects visible in, on or under a structure, or in or on debris under the structure.

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Permanently attached decks, porches, storage sheds, etc. Outbuildings or other detached structures are not routinely inspected unless specifically requested by the client.

In order for the inspection to be completed correctly, the pest control operator PCO must have access to all interior and exterior areas of the structure to be inspected.

Paragraphs I through 4 of the "Conditions Governing This Report" on the reverse side of the form, will discuss the extent of the inspection performed. Be familiar with these conditions. The PCO must indicate areas of the structure that were inaccessible at the time of his inspection.

Obviously inaccessible areas, such as inside walls, beneath carpet or other floor coverings, etc. An inspection of inaccessible areas may necessitate the removal of walls and to provide access, which an additional fee may be charged.

What will be reported? The WDIR is issued for informational purposes and is required to reveal information concerning evidence of wood-destroying insects only. The PCO must report all visible evidence of wood-destroying insects and any conditions conducive to subterranean termites.

The WDIR is not a warranty as to the absence of wood-destroying insects; it is a report of the visible presence or absence of wood-destroying insects at the time of the inspection. Though sometimes referred to as a clearance letter or a termite letter, it is not a "clearance letter," in that it does not necessarily clear a structure; and it is not a "termite letter," in that it addresses more than just termites.

Insects commonly noted on the WDIR include subterranean termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, carpenter ants and sometimes carpenter bees. Other, less common insects may also be reported. The presence of wood-decay fungi may be listed as a condition conducive to subterranean termites.

Other conditions that may be conducive to termites include insufficient clearance between wood members and the soil, excessive moisture in the crawl space, construction flaws or improper grading. The PCO must evaluate these and other conditions individually for each property inspected.Spectracide Terminate Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer is an economical do-it-yourself pest control that saves time and money.


Spectracide Terminate Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer is formulated to kill on contact and continues to provide residual control of destructive wood termites and home-infesting pests for up to 9 months indoors.

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Termite report

Key Termite is a great group of professionals there to help you with your pest problems. They are honest and thorough in their inspection and should your house need to be tented, they make the process as comfortable as possible. Etymology. The infraorder name Isoptera is derived from the Greek words iso (equal) and ptera (winged), which refers to the nearly equal size of the fore and hind wings.

How can the answer be improved?Tell us how. The North Carolina Official Wood-Destroying Insect Information Report (Form No. WDIR ), adopted by the Structural Pest Control Committee, is used for reporting the presence or absence of wood-destroying insects and their evidence in structures for schwenkreis.com issue this report an individual must be licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Structural Pest. Termite inspectors also issue a report outlining potential threats for future infestation, such as damp basements, piles of wood, wood to ground contact or fallen trees near the home. The homeowner is responsible for eliminating these threats.

" Termite" derives from the Latin and Late Latin word termes ("woodworm, white ant"), altered by the influence of Latin terere ("to rub, wear, erode") from the earlier word schwenkreis.come nests were commonly known as.

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Thank You! March 17, MR SMITH E MAIN STREET Phoenix, AZ Thank you for choosing STRIKE FORCE Pest and Termite Control, Inc to inspect your property. In Hawaii, lenders require borrowers to obtain a TIR or Termite Inspection Reports as a condition to funding a home loan. Licensed inspectors provide a thorough visual inspection for any evidence of termites. To request an inspection, fill out our contact form or give us a call at () search for Termite Inspection Information? You may search the Board's Wood Destroying Organism System to see if a specific property has been inspected within the last two years. The Board's database is very specific so the best results are usually found by entering in limited information, for example, only the building number and zip code.

It also includes news and meeting information, an A-Z index, and more.

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