Pro choice abortion research papers

Many people believe it is immoral and even consider it to be murder. Many of these supporters do not know that if abortion were illegal they would still be performed, unfortunately by an uneducated staffs.

Pro choice abortion research papers

Major risks and complications of abortion are described, with citations to the medical literature, below. In addition, women who carry to term are only half as likely to die as women who were not pregnant.

Comparison of deaths from natural causes excluding suicide, accidents, and violence by pregnancy outcome compared to women not pregnant in the year prior to their death. Women who had abortions were 3.

The Finland researchers found that compared to women who carried to term, women who aborted in the year prior to their deaths were 60 percent more likely to die of natural causes, seven times more likely to die of suicide, four times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents, and 14 times more likely to die from homicide.

Researchers believe the higher rate of deaths related to accidents and homicide may be linked to higher rates of suicidal or risk-taking behavior. The leading causes Pro choice abortion research papers abortion related maternal deaths within a week of the surgery are hemorrhage, infection, embolism, anesthesia, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies.

Legal abortion is reported as the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States, though in fact it is recognized that most abortion-related deaths are not officially reported as such. The first found that the risk of death following abortion remains higher in each of the first ten years following the abortion.

Women with a history of one abortion face a 2. Women with two or more abortions face a 4. Similar elevated risks of subsequent ovarian and liver cancer have also been linked to single and multiple abortions.

The risk of uterine perforation is increased for women who have previously given birth and for those who receive general anesthesia at the time of the abortion.

Significant cervical lacerations requiring sutures occur in at least one percent of first trimester abortions. Lesser lacerations, or micro fractures, which would normally not be treated may also result in long term reproductive damage.

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Latent post-abortion cervical damage may result in subsequent cervical incompetence, premature delivery, and complications of labor. The risk of cervical damage is greater for teenagers, for second trimester abortions, and when practitioners fail to use laminaria for dilation of the cervix.

Abortion increases the risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies a life threatening condition for both the mother and her wanted pregnancy by seven to fifteen fold. Abnormal development of the placenta due to uterine damage increases the risk of fetal malformation, perinatal death, and excessive bleeding during labor.

Pro choice abortion research papers

Women who had one, two, or more previous induced abortions are, respectively, 1. Prior induced abortion not only increased the risk of premature delivery, it also increased the risk of delayed delivery.

Pro choice abortion research papers

Women who had one, two, or more induced abortions are, respectively, 1. Abortion is associated with cervical and uterine damage which may increase the risk of premature delivery, complications of labor and abnormal development of the placenta in later pregnancies.

These reproductive complications are the leading causes of handicaps among newborns.

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One of the authors, Dr. Shah reported that one prior induced abortion multiplies premature birth risk by 1. Abortion is significantly related to an increased risk of subsequent ectopic pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancies, in turn, are life threatening and may result in reduced fertility. PID is a potentially life threatening disease which can lead to an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy and reduced fertility.

It is therefore reasonable to expect that abortion providers should screen for and treat such infections prior to an abortion. Endometritis is a post-abortion risk for all women, but especially for teenagers, who are 2.

The nine most common major complications which can occur at the time of an abortion are: In general, most of the studies cited above reflect risk factors for women who undergo a single abortion.

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These same studies show that women who have multiple abortions face a much greater risk of experiencing these complications.

In a survey of women researchers found that pregnancy loss, and particularly losses due to induced abortion, was significantly associated with an overall lower health. If the partner is absent the abortion rate is six times greater.

The researchers found that on average, there was an 80 percent increase in the number of doctor visits and a percent increase in doctor visits for psychosocial reasons after abortion. Abortion is significantly linked to behavioral changes such as promiscuity, smoking, drug abuse, and eating disorders which all contribute to increased risks of health problems.

For example, promiscuity and abortion are each linked to increased rates of PID and ectopic pregnancies. Which contributes most is unclear, but apportionment may be irrelevant if the promiscuity is itself a reaction to post- abortion trauma or loss of self esteem.A major aspect of the debate over abortion concerns the use of terminology.

In keeping with Just Facts’ Standards of Credibility, this research uses language that is clear and, expressions such as “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are replaced by words that detail specific positions.

What is a good thesis statement for abortion? I'm writing a research paper on abortion and needed tips on a thesis sentence, which is the hardest part for me for some reason. Abortion, in. Sec. 19a-4i. Office of Injury Prevention. There shall be, within the Department of Public Health, an Office of Injury Prevention, whose purpose shall be to coordinate and expand prevention and control activities related to intentional and unintentional injuries.

The research paper service writer that wrote this argues in favor of the right of a woman to obtain an abortion. Pro-choice: Each woman has the right to an abortion (thanks to the writing of many college research papers by scientists) has also resulted in the ability of parents to predict the sex of their child early on in the pregnancy 5/5(2).

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