Cosmopolitan magazine analysis

Thursday, September 24, Analysis of the Cosmopolitan Magazine As you know, the national magazine, Cosmopolitan, is very well known fashion magazine for women.

Cosmopolitan magazine analysis

Many today look toward media in order to answer their questions about life or feel like they are Cosmopolitan magazine analysis to know a celebrity.

That means there are specific demographics that are turning toward Cosmopolitan magazine for their information fix. Cosmopolitan Magazine Every copy of Cosmopolitan that is produced also has multiple readers.

The magazine has a total reach of over What this means is that there is 1 man who reads Cosmo for every 6 women that do. What else do we know about the reader demographics of this magazine? Who Reads Cosmopolitan Frequently? The largest demographic for Cosmopolitan is women aged with over 9 million readers in total.

The percentage of readers who are women aged The median age of a Cosmopolitan reader is just over 31 years of age. The median income of a household that reads Cosmo: Two-thirds of Cosmo readers are employed in some way.

Almost 4 million women who are above the age of 34 enjoy reading every issue of Cosmopolitan. What is particularly impressive, however, is the median income of households who do read this magazine.

The percentage of single women who read Cosmopolitan on a regular basis: The number of women who read Cosmopolitan and have children: More women tend to pick up Cosmopolitan to read it when the magazine is sitting on the shelf longer.

It actually seems to attract working women with children more often than any other demographic.

Cosmopolitan magazine analysis

What does that mean with the content that is created for Cosmo on a monthly basis? It means that a focus on self-enrichment, entertainment, and an emphasis on helping women feel empowered has combined to make for a powerful reading medium. Cosmopolitan is one of the few magazines that can transcend all demographics and that are why it has such an influence on society today.

The chances of having an advertisement seen when the target demographic has read all 4 of the last issues: Over 3 million women who are reading Cosmopolitan right now are attending a college or a university.

For the last 25 years, Cosmopolitan has been the bestselling magazine in college bookstores, even news related magazines. Advertising on Cosmopolitan makes sense if a business wants to get in touch with the modern woman. With over 15 million women reading the magazine on a regular basis and with so many women considering their full-time job as their career, the average reader has established herself as a force with whom to reckon.

They are strong-willed, confident, and know exactly what they want. How Far Does Cosmopolitan Reach? There are 64 international issues of Cosmopolitan that are regularly issued. It was first published in and was initially intended to be a family-orientated magazine.In contrast, magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan were were way ahead of the curve, featuring full-page illustrations as early as the s.

Like Time, National Geographic has done an excellent. Double Page Analysis Front Page Analysis Contents page Analysis Cosmopolitan masthead: the Cosmo masthead is large and its the first thing that you see when you look at the front page.

The masthead on the cover sets the colour scheme on the page as it shows that pink is the main colour that will be. Cosmopolitan magazine cover analysis essay. 5 stars based on reviews Essay. The harp in the south essay crash movie analysis essay conflict thesis statement for essay on divorce steve alan burnett amalgam essaybee june global thematic essay australia aquaculture research paper dryden essay on criticism spark verulam.

This thesis’ goal is to find whether the ideal American woman has changed through a content analysis of the women on the covers of Cosmopolitan magazine over the past 55 years, through This content analysis will focus on how the covers changed depending on who was the editor-in .

Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine for fashion, sex advice, dating tips and celebrity news. This magazine has been around since , but it had a totally different concept, until When it was first launched in by Paul Schlicht, it was considered a family magazine.

Cosmopolitan magazine plays an important role in American Pop culture influencing women all across the United States. With catchy headlines on the covers of their magazines such as “UNTAMED VA-JAY-JAYS” and “What Men Find HOT” Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the idea of American beauty and women’s sexuality.

Because Cosmopolitan magazine displays provocative images of American.

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